Shamanic Reiki is a technique where the Earthy components of Shamanism and the ethereal components of Reiki are intertwined. By drawing up Earth energy for stability, safety and centeredness and drawing down the Universal loving energy of Reiki this modality leaves you feeling balanced and inspired. 

It helps to assist in accessing the areas in the mind and heart that might be hard to acknowledge and will help you discover more about your subconscious self.

A lot of times we repeat a similar pattern over and over and can't seem to understand why or break the habit. This is the perfect energy healing modality to access those hidden places. Imagination and Focus are key factors in Shamanic Reiki and allowing yourself to experience all impressions without judgement is helpful. We'll journey together through the subconscious and uncover what might need healing and transformation. If you feel stuck or stagnant in life this is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about what is keeping you from moving forward.

Distant Reiki is channeled when done virtually and hands on in person. Shamanic Reiki can transform your life if you allow it to and are open and willing to see what lies beneath the surface.

Shamanic Reiki Sessions last 1 hour

Self Investment: $90