Shadow Show

Shadow Work doesn't have to be a scary process. It brings the most lasting transformation when done properly. While it might sound unappealing to most people when we address the shadow side of ourselves it always amazes my clients at the growth and freedom that comes from it. Our shadow has much to teach us about ourselves, if we only knew how to listen. 

This is a type of energy healing is where shadow aspects are brought up to the surface for healing and transformation. You will be witnessed in a safe environment, free to explore all aspects of who you are without judgement. The goal of shadow work is to bring complete integration of both the light and dark in us.
We work to merge the shadow self or the side of us we tend to push away with the realization that only by accepting every piece of ourselves are we whole.
(Read more about merging light and dark here)
 Shadow work is beneficial for everyone but specifically for those who suffer from addictions, deep depression, anxiety, past traumas and for those who feel incomplete.
**Recommended Only to those who are looking to go deeper into themselves and who have the support, willingness and trust to do that.
Shadow Work is 2 hours
Self Investment: $150