Services Offered

Each person heals differently and because of this truth I offer different types of Energy Healing Sessions. This way you have a chance to see what resonates best with you. All of my methods combine the elements of Earth Magic with the Esoteric realm for an all encompassing session that grounds the spirit and keeps the energy at a high vibration. 
Reiki With Crystals/Chakra Balancing  1 hr.

This method assists in bringing extra love, protection, nurture and healing during a Reiki session. While Reiki is being channeled through your body, crystals are also strategically placed on and around you to assist in balancing your chakras. Because crystals vibrate at a frequency that comes directly from the Earth's healing energy it brings a powerful shift to each chakra naturally. This is a necessary session that helps you to find harmony and peace and is recommended for people who might be new to energy healing.

Shamanic Reiki- 1 hour

Shamanic Reiki is a blend of guided meditation, journeying and reiki to assist you in discovering or rediscovering more about your subconscious self. Imagination is a key factor in Shamanic Reiki and knowing how to meditate and focus the mind is helpful, although can be taught. We will journey through your inner landscape to uncover things that may need healing or just guidance you need to move forward. Shamanic Reiki is a modality where there really are no boundaries on what we can accomplish. Distant Reiki is channeled (when done online) and hands on in person to give the client the support and healing they need as they journey into themselves. This modality can be life changing if the client is open in mind and heart. 

Shadow Work  90 mins.

This is a type of energy healing where shadow aspects are brought up to the surface for healing and transformation. You will be witnessed in a safe environment, free to explore all aspects of who you are without judgement. We will merge the shadow self to bring full acceptance of oneself both light and dark which can include inner child work. By accepting the shadow aspect it brings a feeling of wholeness within and an immense feeling of freedom in the spirit. Shadow work is great for those who suffer from addictions, deep depression, anxiety etc and for those who feel incomplete.
Recommended Only to those who are looking to go deeper into themselves and who have the support, willingness and trust within to do that.
Energy Cleansing/Aura Clearing  1 hr.

This method is used to clear any stagnant energy stuck anywhere in the Aura. It removes energetic blocks, chords and other energies that are preventing you from moving forward in some way. It clears the energy around the Aura which creates a healthy environment for your energetic body to flourish, its like hitting the refresh button. This method cleanses your Aura from any dense energy, it will leave you feeling like you've just experienced a spiritual rebirth. We move the stagnant energy out and transform it into a higher vibration leaving you with an aura that is radiant. This method is recommended for anyone who feels called to it.
Meditation by the Sea
Private Yoga  1 hour

Yoga helps restore the physical body and since everything is connected it also helps to restore the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well. Based on your needs I will create a yoga practice just for you. We will move the energy in the body to keep it functioning at optimum health. Yoga is beneficial for a range of physical ailments and this is a great place to start if you just want to get the energy flowing again. A trained 300 hour Hatha Yoga Instructor I use deep stretching, gentle yoga and pranayama (breath work) to bring your physical body back into harmony. Recommended for beginner and advanced yogis. Can be done indoors or outdoors.


Reiki w/Crystals-   $108

(Chakra Balancing)

Energy Cleansing/Aura Clearing-     $80

Private Yoga Session-  $90

ShadowWork-   $125

Shamanic Reiki-   $108