This Listen To Your Inner Voice Yoga Class was intended to help you connect to the mind as you practice yoga. Alot of the times we are told to disregard and push away the thoughts that rise up in our yoga practice, this class takes you deeper into yourself and your mind with the intention of you becoming tuned into what your Inner Voice is saying to you. It's only when we listen closely that we can hear what our inner voice says and decide if it's helpful to us or not. We can only do this by allowing the thoughts to rise up and observe them from an objective point of view. Its only when we have awareness of those thoughts that we can choose to accept and embrace them as ourselves or shift them to assist us in our personal transformation and growth. Let all the outside distraction fade away and learn how to make your thoughts your ally and not your enemy.


Led by Celeste a 300 hour Trained & Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor who has practiced yoga for over 15 years for personal healing, growth and transformation. Now she shares her experience and unique methods with you!


Music By: Taz Steen "Etude in D"

Listen To Your Inner Voice Yoga Class

  • Zip File

  • 2 Yoga Blocks

    1 Yoga Strap

    1 Blanket or Towel