This Ground Your Spirit Yoga Class was created to help you find peace and balance through your yoga practice. It helps to bring you present in the physical body to ground the spirit, mind and body. Through breathing and deep stretch poses you'll learn how to cultivate a presence in the here and now.

Great for beginners and seasoned yogi's alike that want to deepen their yoga practice at home.

Led by Celeste who has been practicing yoga for personal healing for over 15 years and is a certified 300 hour Hatha Yoga Instructor. She takes you deep into your spirit, mind and body to find a stillness that only you can create through movement and presence.


Music by: Deuter "Temple of Silence" 


Ground Your Spirit Yoga Class

  • Zip File

  • 2 Yoga Blocks

    1 Yoga Strap

    1 Blanket or Towel