This Gentle Solar Plexus Yoga Class will help you find and stand in your power. Sometimes we can get intimidated by our own strength and play small because of how we feel when we feel powerful. This class will teach you how to breathe into your power in a gentle yet strong way so that you can embrace the power within and strengthen your solar plexus and all the characteristics that come with it: inner strength, personal power, relationship boundaries, knowing who you are & more..

Led by Celeste a 300 hour Trained & Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor who has practiced yoga for over 15 years for personal healing, growth and transformation. Now she shares her experience and unique methods with you!


Music By: Jan Garbarek, Sissel "Molde Canticle"

Gentle Solar Plexus Yoga Class

  • Zip File

  • 2 Yoga Blocks

    1 Yoga Strap

    1 Blanket or Towel