Be In Your Body Completely Yoga Class is a class intended to bring you 100% present in your body. Sometimes throughout our days we move so quickly and have so much going on that we end up feeling ungrounded. This isn't always a negative thing but when it lasts too long and we don't take the time to connect to our physical bodies it can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves. This class's intention is to bring you back to your physical body, breathe and move to connect with the sensations and feelings happening inside you. This class helps those you might feel a bit scattered, anxious or depressed and is also a nice compliment for those who do alot of cardio and movement. It's one hour to really check in with yourself and see how your body really feels when all the distraction subsides.

Led by Celeste who is a Certified 300 hour Hatha Yoga Instructor has been practicing yoga for healing, personal growth and transformation for over 15 years shares her experience and knowledge with you on the mat.


Deep stretch poses for the hips, shoulders, chest, neck, feet and wrists. A full body experience.



Music By: Lukas Rosendal "Vanja"

Be In Your Body Completely Yoga Class

  • Zip File

  • 2 blocks

    1 yoga strap

    1 blanket or towel