Private Yoga Sessions is a great way to get undivided attention from your favorite yoga instructors. Whether you are just a beginner or looking to deepen your practice as a seasoned yogi Celeste's unique teaching style will adjust to fit your needs. Each private session is tailored to meet your goals and desires as a yogi.

A Certified & Trained 300 Hour Hatha Yoga Instructor Celeste's classes consist of deep stretching, gentle yoga and pranayama (breath work) to unite your mind, body and spirit and bring harmony into your entire being.


Celeste's teaching style is in finding the right yoga practice to help her students heal, grow and transform. Her classes teach her students how to move through different asanas to release pent up emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks or trauma in the body in a safe way. Celeste's classes have been called “Gentle & Strong” which might sound conflicting but somehow she is able to bridge the gap between the two in a way that brings her students into a place of inner peace and stillness. 

"I realize Yoga has only just begun once my students step off their mats and out into the world and I do my best to prepare them for that."-Celeste

Recommended for beginner and advanced yogis. Can be done indoors or outdoors virtually or in person.

Private Yoga Sessions 1 hour

Self Investment: $90

Release Emotional Blocks Yoga Class

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Ground Your Spirit Yoga Class

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Be In Your Body Completely Yoga Class

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Gentle Solar Plexus Yoga Class

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Listen To Your Inner Voice Yoga Class

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