Happy 2020!!! One hell of a ride 2019...

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

It seems to be a popular topic with most of the people I know that 2019 was one hell of a ride!! The ride a lot of us experienced was not one made up of fun dips and dives where you laugh your ass off with your friends until it ends but it was more of a lonely, sketchy roller coaster at a haunted abandoned theme park that you contemplated the entire time why you chose to ride it at all, perhaps you even questioned if this if how you'll die.

Yep basically that's 2019 in a nutshell, at least for me and many others.

And while some of us have come off this ride gasping for air, gritting our teeth and the desire to "feel the ground beneath our feet" there is also a peaceful realization that we truly can survive anything the universe throws at us. Funny how hardships teach us this on a deeper level every time.

We've all been through another perplexing year where we've lost people we love, gained new insight of ourselves (sometimes not what we wanted to see), dealt with illnesses and physical recovery, ended relationships, gained new ones, felt the effects of co-dependency and how it STILL affects our lives, shattered old belief systems about who we are and the list goes on and on...

But when I sit back and look at it from a broader perspective, all I can see is growth and change for the better. 2019 was that darkness before the light we've all been talking about, the Goddess Kali, the destroyer, the destruction before rebirth. This energy is still very misunderstood but we are learning. Finally we really experienced this beautiful destruction. It was the shadow lingering in the closet we didn't want to confront when the lights went out at night, it was our inner child still crying for love and attention that we've ignored for years up until this point, it was our self worth standing up for us even when it felt crazy to do so, it was our addictions and vices making themselves very clear, it was all the things we needed to shed before moving into this new decade. After all "It's the end of an Era!"

The ride of 2019 asked us, "Do you really want change?" and when we answered "yes! bring it!" it served us a healthy amount of experiences to test our theory. Some of us came out with our hair standing on end, realizing the incredible amount of things that still need changing to get to where we think we want to be. Some of us surrendered into the unknown and basically just said "take me, show me what's next". All of us have a deeper sense of who we truly are beneath all the garbage we have carried for too long, most of that trash may not of been ours to begin with. Either way we can see clearly now as this roller coaster comes to a screeching halt, the year is almost over. A sigh of relief. We made it.

Now with 2020 approaching I encourage you to ask yourself: can you learn a new language? The language of your own heart and soul. Can you hear what's calling out to you but more importantly can you honor that? Find your courage for 2020. Let 2019 fall away from your psyche, thank it for the lessons it taught you, keep what you've learned in your back pocket so you don't have to repeat the same lessons again. Count 2019 as a year that added more tools to your toolbox, a year that forced surrender and acceptance of things you might have never done otherwise. Now you can feel confident in moving forward, being that you've confronted some pretty uncomfortable truths.

And even if 2019 ejected you from the ride and you landed face down in the dirt, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and know that well, at least you didn't die.

Moving into 2020 its important to not take yourself too seriously, laugh at your mistakes, cry whenever you need to, honor any and all feelings when you feel them, connect with like minded people, keep exploring who you are or who you are evolving to be and just enjoy the ride. Buckle in: this year's ride is sure to amaze you, challenge you, ask you to rise up and be vulnerable enough to show your true colors.

Are you ready? Do you really have what it takes to change? The Universe is responding to your inner belief system...what do you believe?

My belief for 2020 is one of magic and mysticism. It's a harry potter roller coaster that's going to entice you, show you what you thought could never be real, with each dip and dive you'll recognize how to stay grounded even when you're feet aren't touching the ground. You'll learn to spin and twirl with ease, connecting to the magic as you go. Trust in this new decade, in its potential to teach you a whole new language, in its ability to show you how to ride any roller coaster with ease and grace. 2020 will be the best year yet! Trust in it's natural flow, surrender to it's rhythm and ride the roller coaster of your dreams!

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