Touching the Surface

 "The magic you are searching for is littered in your DNA in simple, practical ways that are often overlooked. " -Celeste

My name is Celeste and my mission is to guide you in healing your Spirit, in a way that makes sense to you. To help you find and maintain harmony in your life. It's my honor to assist you in tapping into your own intuitive abilities to create lasting transformation: energetically, spiritually, mentally & physically.

My passion to intuitively guide others on their journeys stems from my own experience and desire to heal myself. To know deep healing and transformation in a personal way and share my unique methods with others.

With higher guidance and empathy I am able to tune into the deeper core issues that cause you dis-ease and disharmony in your life and to create a session tailored specific for your needs so you can begin healing intuitively on an energetic and a soul level.
Through personal life experiences, I've developed a constant connection to my spirit guides/masters and universal energy and was guided to carve a different path that assists you on a journey that's unique to you. 
My goal is that you leave your session feeling empowered, centered, witnessed and prepared to continue walking through life with a little more magic, balance and purpose. That you start to understand the inner workings of your Spirit and how to access the knowledge it holds for you to manifest a life that brings joy, peace and harmony in all  areas.


If you're looking for an energy practitioner to take you deeper, check out my services page to see if any of my unique methods speak to you. I look forward to working with you!


With Love, Light and Crystals


Shadow Show
Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle
School Kids Meditating
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