Break free from old patterns, belief systems and behaviors that no longer serve you.

Are you ready to start a revolution within yourself?

What if I told you a little secret...

 "That the magic you are searching for is littered in your DNA in simple, practical ways that are often overlooked. That there is power in surrender and acceptance of yourself..Would you believe me?" -Celeste

Services Offered:


Shadow Work- Brings acceptance of both light & dark, leads to wholeness...Great for those suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction or feeling incomplete. Read More...

Shamanic Reiki- An energy healing technique where the Earthy components of Shamanism and the ethereal components of Reiki are intertwined. Benefits those who want to understand their inner landscape on a deeper level and gain joy from creativity and connecting to their intuition...Read More..


Private Yoga Sessions- One on one yoga sessions that are tailored specific for you based on your needs and intentions. Beneficial for beginners and seasoned yogis wanting to take their practice deeper. Read more..

Guided Meditations- Personalized guided meditations for transformation, deep healing & for those who want to understand their inner world. Download meditations here or Book your own personalized guided meditation.


Crystal Healing/Chakra Healing- While Reiki is being channeled through your body, crystals are strategically placed on and around you to assist in balancing your chakras. Read more..

(In Person & Online Sessions Available)

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